"They were absolutely perfect the tears started as soon as I seen the girls in them"


So you've asked the closest girls in your life to be your bridesmaids and help celebrate your special day with you. But you're now struggling to find the right bridesmaid dress? 

Your bridesmaids are all different body shapes or you've always dreamed of your bridesmaids dresses to wear a certain colour or style but you can't find it anywhere? 

Have you ever thought about having bespoke bridesmaid dresses and getting your dresses made?


Don't worry CB can help take that stress away from you, you won't have to worry about altering dresses you buy off the hanger to fit as all our dresses are made to measure. Alterations are included in the price given at the consultation up until your dresses are collected. 

Our grey Elle mini bridesmaid dresses were made to match the older girls for junior bridesmaids. The pink chiffon Gwenno bridesmaid dresses were simple in a shell pink with a satin waist belt, pleated front and lace trim on the back to finish. (Both pictured above)

Our Miriam style bridesmaids were a beautiful teal with a satin waist detail, cowl back and puddle train, they also had a mini bridesmaid her style had a slightly shorter cowl to be more age appropriate. We were able to adapt this dress for one of the bridesmaids to have a detachable satin waist belt instead of a sewn in band for comfort at the top of her bump. As dresses can be adapted and tweaked through out the fitting process this wasn't a problem at all! 

All our dress fittings take place at our Chester studio in Chapel Court, Wervin this ensures the dresses sit and fit exactly how you want them. 

For more information email us at or fill out one of our contact forms found on cb bespoke, contact us or on our about us and we will be in touch as soon as we can!