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COVID 19 CB Frequently Asked Questions

My proms been postponed due to COVID 19 what can I do?

Firstly do not worry! If you’ve paid half your balance I’ve already ordered your fabric and it’s here waiting. When your school has confirmed your new date for prom let us know. When social distancing has relaxed fittings will begin.

What if I’ve placed an order but haven’t paid more than my deposit for my dress?

If all you’ve paid is a non refundable deposit you can cancel your order all together if you would no longer like to order. If you’d like to continue your order we can resume as normal and half of your balance will be due when it’s time to order your fabric.

How can I pay for my dress?

You can pay for your dress weekly, monthly whichever’s easiest for you! Aslong as the full balance is paid on time of collection.

I booked a dress for a wedding but it’s been postponed?

No problem! We can put your order on hold for the new date

I’ve ordered a dress for an event that’s no longer happening?

If you’ve only paid your non refundable deposit don’t worry if you’d like your dress another time just get back in touch!

If you’ve paid half your balance we’ve already paid and ordered your fabric. You can put your dress on hold until another event comes up a few months down the line. You can also chose to continue with your order the beauty of a CB dress they’re suitable to wear for any special occasion! It’s completely up to you!

Unfortunately if you’ve paid half of your balance and we’ve paid for your fabric or already started making your dress you cannot receive a refund but we can put your dress order on hold for further down the line.

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