• Chantelle Parry

Face Mask Ear Guards, Can You Help?

We've just reached the three week mark for lock down yesterday spending a bank holiday Easter weekend indoors which felt strange to say the least! I've reached the point where I don't know what day or date it is, any one else?

I spent my bank holiday reteaching myself how to knit so we could do our part and make some button face mask ear guards. I am no expert in the slightest and that just shows how super easy they are to make and everyone can get involved! The pattern we've been using is casting on 20 stitches so it reaches 10cm long depending on the thickness of your wool or needles the amount of stitches will vary! Ive made them around 6-7 rows until it reached an inch wide, sew two buttons on each end and thats it your done! It really is that simple. I had a few balls of wool and buttons in the house already so if you're the same why not give it a go! You will never understand how something as small as this could really help key workers protect their ears. We will get through this together!



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