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Fittings.. What do i need to know?

When we make a bespoke made to measure garment we make our designs to your measurements rather than a standard size to ensure the perfect fit this process includes fittings.

If you've never had a dress made before, the process before you walk away with your finished piece can feel quite daunting. When you turn up to your first fitting your dress is very unlikely to look like the finished product, more of a shell the first fitting is more about the fit, looking at how panels, lengths, how the dress sits. We've put together some of our top tips to ensure it goes as smooth as possible.

CBs Top Tips:

1. Underwear It's really important that you wear the correct bra to your fitting, when i say correct bra I mean the bra you will be wearing when you wear your dress. It might sound dramatic but changing your bra can alter how the bodice sits. For example, if you wear a padded bra one fitting and the next time a non padded but you're actually planning on wearing a push up bra this will alter how the bodice sits.

2. Shoes - For longer dress styles It’s really important that you bring shoes with you, if you don’t have them in time for your first fitting dont worry! We usually pin the length of your dress properly on the second fitting so you will definitely need them for then!

3. If you’re not sure on how something looks your first fitting is the best time to say it as it’s the best chance to change moving the waistband higher/lower, changing from darts/panels vice versa, neckline the list goes on! Trust me ladies I’m a perfectionist I won’t you to look and feel your absolute best! 4. Accessories If you’ll be wearing any fascinators, hats, veils jewellery we would recommend bringing these with you for your final fitting as it really helps for you to see how your whole outfit comes together!

I’ll see you soon with my pin cushion and pins ladies!

Chantelle X 

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