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Its approaching fast.. Aintree Races 2020

It's fast approaching that time of year again, my personal all time favourite weekend of the whole year the Aintree Races. Ladies day or as its starting to be known as Fabulous Friday and Grand National Saturday are getting bigger and bigger in the fashion stakes. Every year women are turning up looking more and more fabulous in every dress style and colour that you could think of!

I personally love going just so i can see what every one is wearing, when you first walk into Aintree straight away you're greeted with the queue for "best dressed" ladies are lining up for the chance to win the big prize. Top tip girls you have to enter yourselves, they're not going to come looking for you! Staff have started walking the queues taking photos on iPads to reduce the time so you don't have to wait for ages if you're not too bothered about not having the gorgeous backdrop they have set up.

Are you thinking of going to the races this year?

It is so hard to try and find something to wear when shopping the high street, there is always that one dress that you'll see so many girls at the races wearing. And to be honest that is my absolute worst nightmare! I've turned up to a wedding before in a similar dress to the bridesmaids and since that day when i was around 16/17 I've been so paranoid about it ever happening again! This is where i started CB. I help take the stress out of the awkward eye contact when you glance at someone wearing the same dress as you. Having a bespoke dress made helps you enjoy the process so much more. You can choose the exact shade of fabric you'd like, the length, fit, everything!! You honestly feel so confident i've become hooked I can't shop in shops the way I used to for a special occasion.

I put so much time into every single dress I love the idea that a dress to the races can become a staple piece of your special occasion wardrobe suitable for weddings, graduations, birthdays, christenings any party. I want you to wear your CB dress more than once they're made to last!

We've put together a quick slideshow of our favourite looks we've made for the races over the years.

If you'd like to enquire about having a dress made for the Races this year

email us at

or visit us on our social media, for more information!

I can't wait to make you all look fabulous this year!



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