• Chantelle Parry

Ive ordered my dress now what?

I would love to say I wave my magic wand and the sketch you've seen during your consultation just appears ready but that certainly doesn't happen! Every single bespoke order from the sketch at your consultation to the final product begins with a blank piece of paper. I know, can you believe it? We draw out every pattern piece to your measurements but do not worry you don't have to stress about what number is on the tape measure a lot of girls like to put this part off for as long as possible but during the fitting process I will ensure the fit is exactly how you'd like it. You will leave with your dress feeling so confident, I make it my personal mission to make sure of it! Luckily for you I am a complete perfectionist, I want every single girl that walks through my door to feel like the best they possibly can! See for yourself how it all works in our before and after video and pictures. What do you think? What puts you off getting something made?

You'll find pictures below of the finished dress, our cb girl looked incredible!!

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