• Chantelle Parry

Meet Team CB

When I say team use this term loosely, Chantilly Bloom is currently a one woman band!

Chantelle designs and manufactures every CB item from her studio in Widnes, Cheshire.

From a young age I've always had an interest in fashion, my grandma and mum like to tell me a story I did from being young and cutting up one of my dresses to make my dress shorter! My Grandma Vera always played a role in encouraging all her grandchildren to be creative from a young age. Both of my Grandmas were keen knitters i tried and failed miserably! I didn't make my first dress until I was 17 in college to be completely honest i'd never touched a sewing machine until then, I never had textiles as a subject in high school.

But from the second I'd made my first dress I caught "the bug" through out university my sewing skills improved so much and I started to make dresses for myself when I had a special occasion coming like the races or a wedding. Friends and family then began to ask me to make dresses for them while I was freelancing for another local design company and this is when CB was born!

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