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The process of dress fittings

Getting a bespoke dress made is a process, each stage is vital so you need to believe and trust in the process. We thought we would show you some of the process with one of our latest CB brides.

When you arrive at your first fitting depending on the fabric you've selected the shell of your dress will be in your dress or lining fabric. It will look nothing like your dress so don't panic, as you can see in the photos above from a recent bride. During the first fitting we focus solely on the fit its really important that you bring the correct underwear more importantly the bra you will be wearing. A bra can change everything, trust me! By the end of this fitting you will start to see the shape of your dress properly take shape. Its at this point for you to say if you would like your waistline moving or neckline lowered. The more information we get from the first fitting will reduce the amount of fittings needed down the line.

During making this bridal gown we've photographed the dress at stages from first, during and pick up when completed. A lot of this bridal process included sewing the dress up unpicking it all taking it apart and sewing back up over and over due to the lace tulle overlay detail. So many hours go into every single piece we create we make them with so much love they end up feeling like our babies!

The dress was later made in the dress fabric after the first fitting once details were refined during the first fitting process. We determine things like the length of the train (to help reduce waste in fabric) does the waistline need to be moved, neckline dipping into a sweetheart or straight, how the pleats sit how small/big, the type of pleat. You have a say in every part, having a dress made makes whatever the occasion that extra special. In this recent bridal dress our bride chose to have smaller pleats in the skirt, chose the position/height of the pockets in her skirt, how the lace was on her dress and the length of her train. Theres not many brides that can say they were that hands on during the process of saying 'YES TO THE DRESS.' Our bespoke bridal experience is unique and we love every part of it!

When you get your dress made you can have more of a say through the process of how everything looks, with this dress in particular our bride (as mentioned above) wanted the tulle to have more appliqués to create a fuller look. This lace originally was more spaced out in a variety of sizes you can see this when you compare the two looks. To achieve this cutting around the beaded appliqués and had sewing onto the tulle is how we achieved the desired look. It would have been easier for us to keep the lace exactly how it came but pride ourselves in what we do I treat your dress as if it were my own. Once we seen how the lace sat on the tulle overlay every hour we put into this dress made everything worth while it looked beautiful!

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