Got a wedding coming up but can't find anything to wear? Worried about turning up and someone else will be wearing the same dress or worse matching the bridesmaids? Girls I've done that myself!! 

Why not get one made? Depending on the season or destination finding ladies wedding guest dresses on the high street off the hanger can prove difficult. Having a bespoke dress made helps take the stress away from finding exactly what you're looking for; we have a wide range of fabric samples to select from. If we don't have the exact fabric you're looking for we will try our best to find it! 

We do all the fittings for your bespoke dress at our studio, you can make sure your dress fits you exactly how you'd like. 

For more information email us at or fill out one of our contact forms found on CB bespoke, contact us or on our about us and we will be in touch as soon as we can!